Agatha Manouche

Agatha Rodgers, MBACP, ISMA
Holistic & Integrative therapy.
Dip. NCFE, CPACB, Bath Uni. : Working with Families & Significant Others ,
CCPE Transpersonal Couple Therapy

I have 15 years experience as a holistic and Integrative therapist.
I am also a Medicine Woman.

My aim is to support individuals, couples and/or families through changes and crises in their lives and their relationships; my commitment is to help people cross the bridge that leads from personal crisis to a healing and sometimes spiritual journey.

The foundation of my practice is based on the Person Centred aspect of Humanistic model which promotes and supports the natural abilities of a person to find the right solution to their difficulties. Furthermore I studied and gained experience over the years with other models which I now integrate as I feel appropriate at given times. For example I use aspects of the Cognitive Behavioural Approach with people suffering from a high level of anxiety or in the first stages of Recovery. Alternatively I would use aspects of the Psychodynamic Model with couples who are struggling with unconscious negative patterns of behaviour or the Systemic Approach with families. Regularly I use skills from Transactional Analysis, Gestalt, and Psychosynthesis models; I have a thorough understanding of Transpersonal, Jungian and Attachment theory.

I have worked in many settings, including the Priory Hospital, Southampton over the past 3 years as a family therapist for the Addiction and Eating Disorder Departments. I have worked for family charities, in prison settings, rehabilitation centres and with communities. Currently I work from home, and through health centres in Ringwood and Weymouth . I also work for charity trusts and community centres.

Independently from my mainstream professional qualifications I have acquired alternative skills from the East and from the West :
– I have studied shamanic ways of healing through 12 years of training and initiation in traditional skills from indigenous Medicine Teachers : Navalo, Gypsy, Celtic and Puluwen ; I am now a Post Modern Medicine Woman.

– As a qualified Yoga teacher and Ayurveda massage therapist I can help people become more aware of the relationship between their body, their mind, their emotions and their Spirit.

Following the holistic approach, I assist people who wish to restore balance and harmony between aspects of themselves and with their environment; people who wish to heal themselves back into wholeness.

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