Relationship and Couple Therapy

Whether you are married or in partnership, heterosexual or gay, when you struggle in your relationship, Couple Therapy can help you explore the nature of your problem.

Couple Therapy can give you the skills and strategies to recognize and resolve conflicts in your relationship. The problem may be of an emotional, psychological, physical, cultural or sexual nature.

With the help of a qualified professional, Couple Therapy provides a safe and supportive environment which facilitates communication, mediation and growth for the benefit and healing of your Relationship.

Trained in the Transpersonal Model I offer couple therapy to individual couples or for groups interested to work on their Relationships and improve them. I often help people caught up in dysfunctional relationships due to a partner suffering from any form of addiction and alcoholism.

I am based in the South West of England and currently work from the Priory Hospital Southampton, Ringwood Health Clinic, Light and Energy Centre Weymouth and from my personal clinic on Portland.

Starting in the New Year:

An Integrative group Programme for couples and singles, exploring the challenging nature of relationships.

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